Vintage - Tarot of Ceremonial Magick - 1994

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**BRAND NEW** Copyright 1994. Tarot Deck with 38 page instruction booklet.  The actual deck is still in the original plastic wrap - UNOPENED.  The box has a small square of discoloration where a price tag once was.

TAROT OF CEREMONIAL MAGICK — By Lon Milo Duquette — 1st Edition / 1st Printing, 1994 — U.S. Games Systems — Mint Condition Tarot Cards — Cabal Cabalistic Qabalistic Judaic Golden Dawn

A rare and out-of-print first edition, first printing of TAROT OF CEREMONIAL MAGIC by Lon Milo Duquette, in mint condition.  Cards are still in original plastic wrap.

DuQuette describes the Tarot as a living mandala; a pictorial breakdown of the mechanics of Creation. In the Tarot he sees a visual representation of its Qabalistic foundations. In learning to understand the Tarot we come to understand other Qabalistic-based systems. Includes: tarot card box, booklet and tarot cards.